We are excited to announce the launch of our new slanteddance awards. The aim of the slanteddance awards are to provide an opportunity to celebrate the children’s hard work, commitment as well as the skills that they are building throughout their dance classes.

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Awards can be taken in the following;

Street dance
Improvisation/ Freestyle

Awards are available in Bronze, Silver and Gold at Levels 1-3.

To complete an award the students will perform a series of steps/ sequences that they have been learning throughout the term, alongside the others in their group. The teacher will mark each student accordingly. Every student’s parent/ guardian will then receive a letter highlighting the Level that they have achieved during the Award day.

We will not be charging any extra fees for the Award day; please note there will be a small fee if the parent/guardian choose to purchase the badge(s) that the students achieve.

The objective of this is to celebrate and enjoy dance, we aim to make it a relaxed and supportive environment, rather than a stressful process for the children.

For more information, please email admin@slanteddance.co.uk

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